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GizMac Xrackpro Rackmount Noise Reduction Enclosure Rack Cabinet. 19 Wide, 4U

The following is the manufacturers description of this procuct and should accurately describe it. XRackPro2 is a rackmount enclosure cabinet specifically designed for noise reduction and mobility. Rackmount computer servers and RAID storage become whisper quiet in this rolling rack system. Solidly built and providing 4U of industry standard 19 (48.2 cm) wide rackmount space, […]


Gizmac XRack Pro 4U Noise Reduction Enclosure Rack Cabinet

Gizmac XRack Pro 4U Noise Reduction Enclosure Rack Cabinet. Came in a shabby box that was discarded, looks to have never been used, there is some hardware inside but I found no key, unit has a few minor comsetic scratches, guaranteed 30-Days. Unit is locked, no key included. Original packaging must remain intact. Not available […]

GizMac XRackPro Studio Rack 12U Noise Reduction Rack Mount Enclosure Cabinet

XRackPro Noise Reduction Rackmount Cabinet by GizMac. Model: Studio Rack 12U. Used in a motion graphics studio. We have recently reorganized our networking equipment and no longer have a need for this rackmount cabinet. The unit is in great condition with only a few minor cosmetic marks from general usage. Unfortunately, the key has gone […]