18U 35 Deep Server Cabinet Premium Series Cabinet Enclosure. New 18U 35 Depth server cabinet with increased weight capacity, build-in LCD screen, Thermostat and 2 cooling fans on casters will be a reliable solution for your equipment. High quality parts, nice coating and multi functionality that is the Premium Series Server Cabinet. Weight loading capacity […]

18U 35 inch Depth Server Rack Cabinet Enclosure Cooling Fan PDU LCD Screen
Tripp Lite Srw12us33 12u Wall Mount Rack Enclosure Server Cabinet Door Sides

Free PDU and Shelf!! Standing Adjustable Feet and Rollers. Automatic LED screen cooling system with 4 fans. Front door in perforated metal frame. Lockable front door, removable side panels. 22U (24″w x32″d x49h). Glass Door (TEMPERATURE CONTROL PANEL , 4 fans, 1 shelf, 1 PDU). Front Glass in metal frame with perforation Rear Solid metal […]

22U Rack 32 Inch Deep Server Cabinet IT Data Network Enclosure

27U Rack Server Cabinet Network Enclosure (24in Width x 32in Depth x 58in Height). LED screen Air control with 4 fans maintains setting temperature and saves energy. Adjustable U-Mark rails and shelf provides installation of equipment with different depth. Glass Door Hexagon Perforation helps air circulation. Doors and Panels locked by keys provides full security. […]

27U Server Rack Cabinet 32 Inch Deep IT Data Network Rack Enclosure
Sliding Shelf 3d Enclosure Server Cabinet Update

4U-High 12&#######x27;&#######x27;-Deep 10&#######x27;&#######x27;-Narrow Wallmount Cabinet Enclosure Network Rack Locking Glass Door. This 300mm deep compact cabinet by LinkMade can be wall-mounted or self standing and is great for organising your 10-inch-wide networking equipment. It has removable side panels for easy access, along with one venting slot. Look for other available sizes. Outer dimensions: 11.8&#######x27;&#######x27;D x […]

4U-High 12”-Deep 10”-Narrow Wallmount Cabinet Enclosure Network Rack Lockin
Tripp Lite 18u Wall Mount Rack Enclosure Cabinet Srw18us

42U32in depth Floor Standing Server Rack Cabinet. 42U (24″w x32″d x84h)600x800x2132mm. Glass Door , TEMPERATURE CONTROL PANEL, 1PDU, 4 fans, 4 castors, 3 Brash cable entries-FREE!! Preinstalled Air Controller- you just need to set a temperature. 4 fans in the roof- perfect Active ventilation. Hexagon perforated front (Glass) door frames- gorgeous design and additional air […]

42U 32inch (800mm) depth 19” Server Rack Cabinet Network Enclosure- 190$ Bonus

Elegant and secured Wall-mount cabinet organizes EIA-standard 19-inch rack equipment in network closets, offices, classrooms and other locations with limited floor space. Removable and reversible front door and removable side panel design, each with quick-release mechanism allows easy access to equipment during installation and routine maintenance. The vented frames and optional cooling fans provide excellent […]

15U Professional Wall Mount Server Cabinet Enclosure 19-Inch Server Network Rack

15U Wall Mount Network Server Cabinet Rack Enclosure Glass Door Lock w/shelves. This 450mm depth cabinet by NavePoint is part of the Pro Series and can be wall-mounted or self standing and is great for organizing your networking equipment. It has removable, locking side panels for easy access, along with venting slots and (2) built-in […]

15U Wall Mount Network Server Cabinet Rack Enclosure Glass Door Lock withshelves